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Dokter and Misses
What does DAM stand for?
Dokter and Misses.
What are DAM’s business hours?
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00. Warehouse hours for collections are Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 16:00 and Fridays 9:00 - 14:00
What kind of payments does DAM accept?
You can pay the way it suits you best. We accept Electronic Bank Transfers, VISA, Mastercard and cash.
Does DAM offer a price reduction for businesses?
We make our products as affordable as possible. But pricing on a bulk order for a standard product might be negotiable.
How do you submit a complaint to us?
Please send us your comments and suggestions. They’ll help us improve. Either phone, email us or mail us a letter.
Does DAM have a catalogue?
You’ll find all our products, and all you need to know about them, on this website.
How environmentally friendly are DAM’s products?
We strive to use sustainably produced materials and we prefer production methods that minimise energy consumption. Our products are made to last, which we believe to be the most environmentally friendly method of manufacture.
I’m missing hardware / parts. What should I do?
Contact us and we’ll gladly assist. We’ll let you know how long it will take for what’s missing to reach you.
How can I find out the dimensions and weights of the packages for the product I want to buy?
Package sizes and weight can vary from order to order. Contact us and we’ll fill you in on what to expect.
How can I find out the dimensions of the product I want to buy?
Visit the product’s page on the website and click on the product dimensions tab.
I want more info about the product. Where do I look?
Visit the product’s page on the website. You’ll find info on description, care instructions, tips about your chosen item, and more. If your question is not listed in the product FAQs please mail us and we’ll happily answer.
Can I re-coat my product at a later stage if I want it to be another colour?
Recoating is not possible. If the powder coating becomes damaged over time we can quote on recoating the product in the same colour but cannot guarantee the quality of the recoating.
Why are items sometimes out of stock?
We like to offer our clients the chance to personalise their purchase by choosing from our selection of colour and timber options. This means that your selection of finish and colour might have to be made to order. We do our best to ensure a ready selection of available stock but since the options are almost endless there’s no guarantee that your choice will be in stock. If it isn’t, we do believe that it’ll be worth the wait.
If you’re making my purchase to order how long will it take?
If it’s a standard product then it’ll take 6 - 8 weeks from date of payment.
I have a product on order that is being manufactured. How does DAM ensure that it’s ready on time?
It is our priority to deliver high-quality products to our clients within the time allotted to the order. However there might be constraints around materials, time, workload and capacity that are out of our control. If we encounter any production delays we will let you know and getting your order to you will remain our priority.
How many products are in your range?
We have about 70 products in our range. It’s difficult to give an exact number because we’re constantly developing new products.
What is the difference between Standard, Custom and Limited Edition products?
Standard Products are products listed on the PRODUCTS section of the DAM Online Shop. Items displayed in the EDITIONS section of the DOKTER AND MISSES website are not Standard Products. Custom Orders are products that are similar to products listed on the PRODUCTS section of the DAM Online Shop but with slight modifications made to dimensions or finishes. Production lead times for Custom Products vary and this information will be confirmed by a DAM Sales Representative. Custom Orders cannot be cancelled and cannot be returned for a refund. Limited Editions are once-off pieces that are available through Southern Guild.
What if I want my purchase assembled?
DAM products are usually easy to assemble and don’t need special tools. Contact us if you have questions.
Do you have gift cards? Do they expire?
Yes, we do, and they never expire unless specified on the voucher.
How do I use a DAM gift card?
You will need the physical gift card or the gift card number to redeem it when making a purchase either online or from our Showroom.
Do you have a wedding / gift registry?
Not at the moment. Our gift card is an alternative.
I had a technical problem when I tried to order online. What should I do?
Please try again later. If the problem persists, please phone or email us.
How do I get large items home?
Flatpacked items should be easily transportable home, in a suitable vehicle. Otherwise we offer a separate delivery service. Delivery charges depend on your postal code, as well as delivery method, size and weight of your purchase.
Can I add an assembly service to my purchase?
We do not offer an assembly service. DAM products are usually easy to assemble; we recommend hiring a handyman if you need help.
How are my online delivery charges calculated?
Charges are based on the delivery method, size, weight and retail value of your purchase, as well as the delivery address. These costs will be calculated as you check out and you can choose to accept them, or to collect yourself from our showroom or warehouse.
Why are certain products available for collection for the Showroom while others can only be collected from the Warehouse?
Large products and custom orders can be collected from the Warehouse while smaller products and showroom models should be collected from the Showroom. Please check in with us if you are not certain where you should be collecting your order from.
Can I choose a specific delivery time and date?
It is possible and depends on your delivery method. We’ll do our best to deliver on your chosen date. You’ll get either an email notification or a call from the delivery provider to confirm the time and date window for your delivery.
How long will delivery take? What will it cost?
Delivery time for in-stock items depends on delivery destination. We will confirm these details when you order.
My order is in the process of being manufactured. Can I cancel the order?
If you ordered a Standard Product you can cancel for a refund or exchange before it is delivered. All sales are final on Custom Products that are especially made to your specifications and cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Can I track my delivery?
You will get the status of your order by email or by phone. How we communicate with you will depend on the final delivery destination and method of delivery.
If I want to collect my order in person, how do I arrange that?
Large products and custom orders can be collected from the Warehouse while smaller products and showroom models should be collected from the Showroom. Please check in with us if you are not certain where you should be collecting your order from.
How long do I have to collect my order?
The date of delivery you are given at the time of online checkout is the date we expect to have your order ready for collection. Please collect your order on that date; if this is not possible please contact us to make arrangements. We have limited storage space and if the order is not collected within 7 days of the delivery date, the goods will become the property of Doc and Misses Design and will be sold.
What if someone else is going to collect my order?
If you need someone else to collect your order, please forward them a copy of your proof of purchase and include a written consent in the email, including the full name of the designated person. They will also need to show a valid government-issued ID.
What if I find a mistake on your website?
We’re human. We do our best not to make mistakes. Sources of supply and specifications are subject to change. We tried for a high standard of accuracy when we set up this website. Although we can’t be held responsible for any mistakes such as price errors and omissions, we do our very best to avoid errors.
Can I find all DAM products on this site?
We try to keep our product list up to date. However we are constantly developing new products.
What information is collected about me when I visit the DAM site?
When will DAM send me emails?
You’ll get emails from us if you have an active order from us or if you sign up for our newsletter.