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Mirror O

wall-mounted mirror
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ZAR 3900
Powder coating is a generally hard-wearing surface coating; it can however chip if dropped or knocked and anything sharp or rough can scratch it. Certain chemicals can damage a powder coated surface. Follow care instructions to protect this finish.
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Soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water mixed with a small concentration of pH-neutral detergent such as dishwashing liquid. Wipe dry afterwards.

Solvents such as nail polish remover or turpentine will damage the surface.

Don't use detergent containing ammonia or bleach. Don't use Handy Andy.

Use a soft cloth; don't use abrasive cleaning materials such as scouring pads.

Products are intended for interior use only, unless specified.

Prolonged exposure to moisture could affect the surface finish, especially if the powder coating has been damaged.
Tips on glass cleaning and maintenance.
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Clean with glass or mirror cleaner and a soft cloth. Never use a scourer.

Take care not to use any glass / mirror cleaning product on a powder coated surface.

Anything sharp or rough can scratch the mirror surface.
Follow supplied installation instructions.
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Choose a sturdy fixing suitable for your wall (drywall, plaster or brick). Test it before hanging product.

Before drilling into the wall, tape an open envelope below the spot to catch the dust.