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Standing Side-light
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ZAR 27000
We use toughened glass to ensure safety.
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Clean with glass or mirror cleaner and a soft cloth.

Take care not to use any glass / mirror cleaning product on a powder coated surface.

Anything sharp or rough can scratch a glass surface.

Ensure that glass tabletops are securely positioned on their base. Remove glass tabletops when moving tables.
Proper care of electrical products is essential to ensure user safety.
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Warm white, low-wattage LED globes are recommended.

Not suitable for outdoor use.

Avoid contact with liquids.

Don't use if electrical components are damaged or loose.

Unplug product when cleaning.

Unplug product when changing the globe.
Have friends with strong backs available.
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Don't drag furniture over floor.

Use old blankets to protect the floor.

If the furniture is tall or wide tip it at an angle so one person or more can carry the top end and the other(s) the bottom end.
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