Kassena Isibheqe

writing desk
The patterned Isibheqe cabinets are the latest addition to the Kassena series – the first of which was produced in 2012. The shape of the Kassena cabinets is inspired by the hand-painted adobe structures built by the Kassena people, who live in the Tiébélé region on the border of Ghana and Burkina Faso. The geometric patterns wrapped around the cabinets actually represent two literary texts in the Sotho and Tsonga languages, written in the Pan-Southern African writing system called Isibheqe Sohlamvu, or Ditema tsa Dinoko.

Visit www.isibheqe.org for a visual description and further information about the Isibheqe Sohlamvu script.

SIZE [mm]
1800-L x 500-D x 900-H
hand painted solid beech