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Lowveld Bed

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ZAR 22000
Powder coating is a generally hard-wearing surface coating; it can however chip if dropped or knocked and anything sharp or rough can scratch it. Certain chemicals can damage a powder coated surface. Follow care instructions to protect this finish.
Open Instructions
Soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water mixed with a small concentration of pH-neutral detergent such as dishwashing liquid. Wipe dry afterwards.

Avoid using chemical, polish or oil treatments on furniture as they could damage or mark the surface.

Solvents such as nail polish remover or turpentine will damage the surface.

Don't use detergent containing ammonia or bleach. Don't use Handy Andy.

Use a soft cloth; don't use abrasive cleaning materials such as scouring pads.

Products are intended for interior use only, unless specified.

Prolonged exposure to moisture could affect the surface finish, especially if the powder coating has been damaged.
Care should be taken to protect plywood surfaces from exposure to extreme heat, moisture or sunlight.
Open Instructions
Clean with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.

Solvents (e.g. nail polish remover / turpentine) will damage the surface.

Don't use detergent containing ammonia or bleach (don't use Handy Andy).

Plywood surfaces should not come into contact with anything sharp / hot / moist / wet. Always protect surfaces with coasters or mats.

Changes in humidity will cause wood to shrink or swell. Under normal conditions, small cracks in solid wood are to be expected while extreme changes in humidity can cause warping, splitting and cracking. Regulate humidity where possible.

Extended exposure to direct sunlight will cause wood to fade.

If you feel over time that the surface needs to be sealed again lightly sand with 400-grit sandpaper and seal with a water-based sealer.
Open Instructions
We recommend at least two people do the moving by lifting at opposite ends.

Don't drag furniture over floor.

Once you’re done, re-tighten any bolts and screws before use.

Over time, bolts and/or screws may become loose. We therefore recommend regular re-tightening.